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This site is dedicated to those who served in the Border Regiment between 1881 and 1959.

During the Great War of 1914-1918 men of the Border Regiment trained and fought for a cause greater than their own. They saw a great deal of action on various different fronts fighting in France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Macedonia and Turkey, many of whom ultimately paid the price with their lives.

The regulars were battle hardened, the pals battalions learned a great deal in a short space of time and fought like regulars and the pioneers continuously utilised their skills to benefit the many ongoing operations. This war, which changed the way future wars were fought, challenged mentally and physically, not only the ordinary fighting men, but also those who were leading them.

With any war, mistakes were made and even with such terrible and futile losses it would be worthwhile to take a little time to pay our respects for everything that was accomplished and believe that the fight for freedom, even at such high costs, was the right thing to do.
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